Connecting guests and staff through digital

Now, more than ever, guests expect digital to be part of their leisure experience. From ordering food, to booking spa treatments and their stay itself.

That’s why we provide seamless, efficient and easy to use technology. We are improving your staff’s day to day lives, offering you meaningful management information. We are inspiring your customers with our mobile app and ‘Select Your Room’ which make it easier than ever for them to enjoy their stay.

And whilst our online training will ensure your staff is comfortable with all of our technology, we will be there to get you up and running. 

Integrated IT platform for customer journey & hotel operations

Our digital approach is based on people. You’ll have the knowledge and culture of our IT team at your disposal. Together, we’ll use data to inform and empower your decision making. Our IT partner ecosystem is worldwide, offering an innovating and trustworthy approach. In the long-term we’ll help you to digitalise by using our cloud #1 strategy with data as a core asset and API-led development and connected systems.

Let’s take things to the next level with our Digital Hotel Platform – our integrated IT platform for a seamless digital customer journey and efficient hotel operations:  

Digital Customer Benefits

Our Digital Hotel Platform provides benefits not only to our partners but also to our customers. While booking their stay, guests can select their desired room on an interactive map. And to speed up their arrival, guests can check-in easily online at MY TUI BLUE. During their stay, guests can inform themselves with our BLUE® App or on various screens, thanks to our innovative digital signage.