What Innovation means for us

Our industry is always on the move, but we do not want just to keep up – We want to lead the way. Innovation is crucial to long-term success. That is why we have a Innovation and Product Development Team. They are specialists in new ideas, processes, services and products. And they are generating new lines of revenue for you as our partner and better experiences for your guests.

We are not ones to settle. We trial 15 new innovations every year while evolving and refining existing offerings. Learning, testing, improving and building industry-leading technology that only gets better. Watch this space!  

Marcus Blackmore

Marcus Blackmore

Senior Product Innovation and Ancillaries Manager

Our innovation process

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We work with expert insight consultants, partners, and colleagues to understand our customer’s wants and needs. Customer insights allow us to gain a deeper understanding of how our customers think and feel about our products and services.


We collaborate with colleagues from around the business to establish which ideas will create the most value. Our prioritisation matrix tool allows us to understand what we should focus on first and what we should focus on later.


Successful execution of our innovation is what matters. Our mantra is people first and processes next. Having the right people at the right time with the right ideas allows us to maximise our execution capabilities.

Select your room

One of our recent innovations is the new ‘Select Your Room’ service. The new booking option marks the launch of the development of other personalised offerings, which play an increasingly important role for our guests.

The ‘Select Your Room’ option is available directly at the time of booking. To select a room, guests can use an interactive map of the hotel in their personal ‘My TUI BLUE’ section at www.tui-blue.com, where they can filter all rooms available in the booked category according to the desired criteria: Closer to the pool or restaurant? A view of the sunrise or sunset? Near beach or with a sea view? 

Regular guests wishing to book the same room as last year for their TUI BLUE holiday can simply enter the exact room number. Availability is checked in real time, and the booking is completed. The guests will receive an immediate booking confirmation without long waiting times. The ‘Select Your Room’ service is available at TUI BLUE hotels around the world.