Watch this space

Our industry is always on the move, but we don’t want just to keep up – We want to lead the way. Innovation is crucial to long-term success. That’s why we have a Innovation and Product Development Team. They are specialists in new ideas, proccesses, services and products. And they are generating new lines of revenue for you as our partner and better experiences for your guests.

Every innovation is born from data. We look to local insights and global market trends, as well as feedback from customer, employees and expert partners, so that we can inform and inspire your team’s thinking. 

Select Your Room 

TUI BLUE’s “Select Your Room” is one of our most recent innovation launches: From an interative map customers select their desired room before their stay. Closer to the pool or restaurant? A view of the sunrise or sunset? This attractive feature is a hit with guests and with payable services, it’s also a hit with our partners too. 

“ We are not ones to settle. We trial 15 new innovations every year while evolving and refining existing offerings. Learning, testing, improving and building industry-leading technologie that only get’s better. Watch this space!”